Volunteers and Part-Time Contributors

The Khan Academy community would like to thank the following people who recently dedicated their time, energy, and expertise (in alphabetical order):

Closed captioning.
Closed captioning.
Kelkar Amol
Closed captioning.
New iPad-friendly scratchpad.
Maneesh Arora
Website analytics, Facebook integration, user interface mockups.
Eric Berger
Multiple exercise modules.
Closed captioning.
Bill Bonner
Divisibility and scientific notation exercise modules, issue triage.
Dean Brettle
Release management, exercise scratch pad, periodic exercise review, Facebook login, video viewing page.
Joey Chang
Exercise modules and upcoming iOS work.
Robert Conrad
Patch to warn students that the hint button resets streaks.
James Crook
Closed captioning.
Closed captioning.
Dutch translation of videos.
Karen Hubert
Closed captioning.
Vishal Kapur
Qbrary (not released).
Peter Kuperman
Volunteer outreach coordination.
Spanish translation of videos.
Michael Malione
Common Core standards research.
John Michelsen
Progress reports/charts, teacher tools, standalone server.
Srinivas Panguluri
Bug fixes and exercise module refactoring.
Omar Rizwan
General exercise framework improvements and tons of exercise modules covering topics in trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus, among others.
Jahanzeb Sherwani
Qbrary (not released).
Michael Steiner
Issue triage, forum management, and community moderation.
Cam Stewart
Issue triage, forum management, and community moderation.
Ford Stewart
Issue triage, forum management, and community moderation.
Max Van Keuren
Closed captioning.
Harley Witt
Issue triage and video discussion moderation.

If you've recently helped out as a volunteer and we've accidentally left you off the above list, please let us know. If you want to volunteer, please see how to help.